The Caffarellis

History of a Noble Roman Family

By Laura Santilli, 6 August 2019

The most authoritative historians report that the origin of the Caffarelli Family dates back to the most ancient Roman bloodline of the Juvenals. The most ancient member of the family was Pope Adeodato II, who reigned from 672 to 676. The ancestors of the more famous Ascanio Caffarelli, page of the Emperor Carlo V of Habsburg (1500-1558), were called Joannes de Parenzio or Parenzo di Joanni, as we read in a marble inscription of 1157 on the tower of the “marrana” where the Crabra water flowed at Porta Metronia, where the name of three senators are inscribed.. A large canvas, from around 1750, portrays, in summary, the family tree of the lineage, reporting over one hundred members of the Family.